Todaywe visited Villa Esperanza, which means Village of Hope. The villages namereflected exactly what we experienced. We met a little girl that was disabled.She was sitting in a make shift wheel chair. This little girl was so inspiringto us because of the joy that Lord had put inside of her heart.  The girl was sixteen years old and her friendwas telling her to start singing.  Shestarted to sing a song from her church and you could just see how happy shewas.  She was smiling and laughing andjust enjoying herself.  You could see theLord’s presence in her and how much life she had in her, even though she wasdisabled.  This experience really movedus.
                Toengage with the villagers we used the one thing that we know how to do best, volleyball.Going into this we knew that this would be something that be fun for everyone andtake their minds off of all their troubles. As we hopped of the truck we weregreeted by tons of smiling faces. ‘You could see that we had just made theirentire day or maybe even their lives by just showing up. After saying many “Hola’s”we headed towards the cow pastures to set up the volleyball net. First wedemonstrated the right way to bump, set, and spike a volleyball. Then we proceededto play matches with the children. It was great to see the enthusiasm they displayedand their overall happiness by us just being there.  
                After handedlydefeating the boys team in volleyball, Don got all of the children to gatheraround him in order to deliver a message about God.  Basically, he said that in order to reachGod, mankind has to go through Jesus. You could tell the children reallyenjoyed the message.
                “Now soit was, as the multitude pressed about Him to hear the word of God…” Luke 5:1.This is something that we first handedly experienced today. Prepared for the villagerswas a large pot full of stew. All the villagers went back to their houses, and returnedwith bowls. They all stood in line for their turn to get a ladle full of soup. Everyonewas so eager to get their food that they literally had their bodies pressedagainst each other to ensure they got their food.  There were some that were so worried that thestew would run out you could see desperation on their faces. Luckily we hadenough food for everyone and tonight they can all go to bed with full stomachs.

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