Greetings from Somotillo!

We began our day hearing the awesome stories of God’s saving grace in
the lives of 4 young ladies here on our team. It was followed by a
powerful message by Donald and an early God moment. Some of you may
remember the lady that needed help several months ago. She was/is a
diabetic and her foot was in such bad shape it “should” have been
amputated, however what we witnessed today was anything but a foot that
needs to be amputated. By enabling Dr. Anderson, God has provided
healing to this woman in need. While the foot is far from perfect,
there is no sign of infection whatsoever and within a few months she
should be able to walk on it normally again! Praise God!

Next on the agenda, the Cave Spring Volleyball team headed out to the
recreational center of Somotillo in the morning and held “camp”. We
worked with several groups of young teenage girls and through lots of
smiles and interpreters, were able to have a very enjoyable morning
sharing a game that we love with some very gracious Nicaraguans. We
were then challenged to a match with some teenage boys and while it was
a very humbling experience (for those boys) a good time was had by all.

The team from Faith Fellowship arrived at lunchtime and then both teams
traveled to Rodeo Grande. We all had a wonderful time just spending
time with the children and families. We painted fingernails, played
games, jumped rope, blew bubbles, and just shared God’s love. A meal
was prepared, medical was provided and the team from Faith had a
powerful skit that really engaged the children and led several to the
saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. The distribution ministry was
as powerful as ever. There is nothing more humbling than seeing a
child rush to the side of the road and find a small stuffed animal and
hug it like it was the only thing they had ever wanted.

We finished the night with another local volleyball match at the rec
center. In spite of the questionable officiating and careless
scorekeeping, the team played solid against a bunch of adult men.
After a round of tremendous God moments the sun has set on another day
in the mission field. To God be the glory forever and ever!

Dr and Mrs. Donald M Gillette
Because We Care Ministries, Inc.
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