Today was one of those days that you will never forget. It started with testimonies at the radio. Each testimony not only encouraged our hearts in our walk with the Lord, but also challenged us to be diligent in our walk. A Christian is not someone who simply says they are, but one who lives it with by their actions and their relationship with Jesus. And we serve a mighty Savior. We were reminded that the devil is our adversary roaming around like a lion seeking someone to devour (1Peter 5:8). Mommas and Papas were also reminded of their responsibility to pray for their children. God has given us the blessing of children and it is our responsibility to pray for them each and every day.

After our run back to the Casa, we, all 32 of us, hopped on the bus and headed to Corinto, the home of Roger our interpreter. The beach trip had special meaning as four of our team members were baptized. After spending some time in the ocean, we headed to the city park, where we enjoyed Mamma Maria’s delicious picnic lunch. Then the Knights took on a local high school volleyball team. After the volleyball games were over we shared the word of God and asked those who had never prayed to have Jesus as their savior to pray with us. I believe that almost half of the team gave their lives to Jesus. We then stopped by a local school and dropped off school supplies on our way back to the Casa. It was an enjoyable day.

We are heading back to Cacau tomorrow, so please be in prayer for our team. We will need it!

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