After partnering with the team from Roanoke, VA yesterday in the
village of LaFlor, Fellowship Bible Church team from NJ launched out on
our own today. At the radio station, part of our team shared
testimonies – we later discussed the privilege of growing in a
Christian home with Christian parents in our God Moment time. While
worldly influences and temptations will still be around, the guidance
from Christian parents is something to be treasured. We continue to
lean on the Holy Spirit to guide our group along with our children’s
hearts as we minister here.
At the Special Needs School, it reminded us that service to the Lord is
giving to even the least of these. After interacting with the
children, we provided school supplies, food that was needed after the
prior month’s supply was short, and even a young one provided his
stuffed animal horse to a deaf girl – she was so excited, she tucked it
in her backpack and had it on her back thinking it was the end of the
day and time to go home!

The village of La Carreta was a favorite this afternoon as what seemed
to start as only two families turned into a group of at least 100 folks
with a line for medicine for what seemed to be a mile. The doctor saw
parasites, anemia, a heart murmur, and other ailments that we treated.
Some gospel sillybands was one way we were able to convey the gospel to
the young ones as they had to reconstruct the bands in the order the
gospel story was told – this also provided an avenue to explain to
older ones to take the gospel, that is simple enough for a child to
understand, and grow. After nails were painted, the truck was loaded,
and goodbyes were said, we drove off to the sound of laughter as the
little blue racquetball we left behind was being thrown over the
village creek back and forth.