Radio testimonies have been special to our group which is comprised of
families who came together. Today we heard from each member of one of
the families whose life apart from Christ was transformed by the gospel.

We often spend so much energy and time on our own “casas” at home
(which usually involves multiple trips to Home Depot) – today was our
opportunity to invest our effort in renewing the Principe de Paz church
building exterior, which was badly in need of painting. Several
stopped and watched as what was old began to look new again. This
reminded our team of how what is outward can change only after Christ
has changed the inner man.

This afternoon involved a heartwarming visit to the village of El
Platanal. The families and children engaged in activities that remind
us how we need each other. The gospel message continues to be shared
and the love of Christ is evident .

Each day we see images that will be etched in our minds eye forever.
The images are a stark reminder of what sin has done to our world.

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