Radio was canceled today because unfortunately, the power was out.  But that did not stop us from having a great day!  Part of our team went to Principe De Paz to do a women’s conference with the women of Somotillo.  Kimberly shared a message with the ladies about allowing the Holy Spirit to change our past, using the illustration of “cleaning out our closets,” and we sang worship songs to the Lord.  The other part of the team returned to Pascuala.  The men started the footings on house #24, while the rest of the gang engaged the children in games of soccer and duck, duck goose.  The girls braided hair and spent time with the young children of the village.  After lunch, we went to a village called Palo Grande, which had not been visited in years by BWCM!  The team played soccer and baseball with the kids.  Some team members painted nails and the doctor saw patients needing medicine.  Becky shared the gospel with the children through a Bible story about Zacchaeus, and the team helped the children make a fun craft with visors and stickers. Then Donald gathered the rest of the people and shared the gospel again, using an dramatic illustration with several village children.  Many people prayed to receive Christ.  Afterward, the people loaded up their bowls with chicken stew and enjoyed a hearty meal.  Praise the Lord for full stomachs, changed lives, and a great day on the mission field! 

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