“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will
stand forever.” (Isaiah 40:8) The eternal word of God is powerful and
relevant for our lives today regardless of where you live. We certainly
saw the power of the word of God on display in Honduras for the pastor
training this week. The team of guys went up on Tuesday morning and
came back this afternoon humbled to have been able to spend two days
with such an amazing group of people. They spent both days in Honduras
teaching through the book of Isaiah and Jeremiah as well as teaching
basic sermon design skills. The group of pastors in Honduras is filled
with 25 leaders who are passionate about understanding and
communicating the word of God. Each month when we go back we see
measured growth in their maturity and in their desire to grow. It is
always confirming to see how anxious they are to learn, take notes, and
go back to their communities and serve. 

One pastor who leads a church in Choluteca shared a testimony of how
his church is growing as a result of prayer and service. The church is
a church plant that is only three years old and does not have a
building. So instead of inviting people to come to a church building
the pastor goes around and simply prays with families in their homes.
Now people from outside of the church will find him and ask him to come
and pray with them. These families then say, “If you care about us
enough to come to our house and pray, then we want to come to YOUR
church.” This same church also discovered a family in their community
that was in desperate need of some home repairs. So instead of taking
up an offering for the church they took up an offering for the family
and then showed up to help them with finances and “hands on” support.
That is what you call the church “being the church”! 

Please join us in praying for the leaders in the group from Honduras
and in Nicaragua. Pray for their churches and their communities. Pray
that they would be faithful to preach the word of God and be the hands
and feet of Jesus right where they live. 

We went back to Esperanza today and finished clearing the field where
the new church will go. It was amazing to see the Nicaraguan men and
women and the Americans out in the field working together. God has
great plans for the church in that village! While the adults worked the
kids colored pages on a front porch across the street. The kids loved
to color! It’s so neat to see how excited a coloring book page and one
crayon makes a child. We acted out the story of David and Goliath-
which most of the kids said they had never heard before and they loved
it! It was a blessing to us to love on them. 

In the afternoon we went out to El Platanal. The kids lined up as we
blew up balloons and shaped them into tiaras, crowns, and animals! We
were there only a little while when it started to pour but praise God
we were able to give everyone soup and bags of food before the rain
came. It truly is just as much of a blessing for us to serve as it is
for them to be served. 

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