Hello all!!  Today started out with a devotion lead by Joel and Drannan. A prayer request for additional money to keep the doctor on for another day at the village was shared and the team met that need !!  85 patients were seen yesterday and the need is so great here.   Mama Maria served up a great breakfast and then Zach, Isaiah, Aaron and Candy headed to the radio station to share their testimony. Don shared a quick devotion (short by Don’s standards)  and then we headed back to the Casa.  The two teams separated and the baseball team went to the field for a 3 game day and the second team headed out to Casa Blanca.  At this village we played toppleball (new to everyone including the team) but we had a great time and the kids all seemed to enjoy themselves. The children love to jump rope, have their finger nails painted and just be loved on.  Their smiles are truly contagious!!!  Sheryl handed out dresses made from pillowcases that were donated to this ministry.  The girls loved them and showed off their new outfits proudly.  Tim shared the gospel with about 13 boys and girls who all prayed to receive Christ!!  God is so good and His word does not come back void.  We just need to be willing to share about Jesus!  Dr. Anderson saw 60 patients and they were all given medication thanks to the prayer request being answered.  We had a wild battle of dodge ball and even the adults were pummeled with the ball.  No one was exempt!  These kids play hard!!  But freely give of their love and affection.  We left there feeling truly blessed more than we blessed them. 

After lunch and repacking, we headed to the village of Cofredea.  This village is just past the dump and it is nothing to see kids and dogs picking through the garbage for food and things that can be used in their homes.  Such a picture of what a third world country is really like.  Again we played toppleball, painted nails, blew bubbles, played soccer and volleyball.  A very active and tough group of children and adults.  A huge pot of stew was made and the whole village was fed as Dr. Anderson saw an additional 80 patients.  He says the biggest health concerns that he treats for are:  scabies, bronchitis, impetigo, anemia, and fungus.  All treatable conditions.  Thank God that Because We Care Ministeries has a doctor that is part of their team. Again the gospel was shared in many ways by many different folks to many men, women and children.  We finished the day at the baseball field.  A quick time of loving on the village kids with more dodgeball, jumping rope and balloon animals.  If I had a dime for every smile I saw I would be coming back a rich woman!!


The baseball team had a fun day as well. We got to the field early and played a total of 3 games against three different teams.  After each game Mark, Noah, and Dave all shared their testimony and the gospel message with all the men. We were able to interact with the kids throughout the day, but after the games we got all the kids to play kickball and they had a blast! After kickball, Jason shared with the kids about giving gifts and the importance of sharing God’s love with each other.  Then we stood in a circle and had to tell the person to our right one encouraging thing and all the players and kids participated. It was a fun and encouraging day at the field and we look forward to what God has in store for us tomorrow!