This morning our mission team met children at Prince of Peace church, sang songs, and created crafts with the children to remind them of the love of God that was shared with them earlier. After we left the church we travelled a good distance to minister in the village of Esperanza, where we were met with Great need. While the team engaged the children of the village in games, I had the chance to engage a lady who walked up. I gave her some of the food we were distributing, and she engaged me in a long conversation. What a wonderful spirit she had. 

By our conversation, I was quickly reminded of the time the Lord shared the story of 10 men who the Lord healed, but illustrated how thankless humanity is by telling them that out of the ten who were healed only one returned to say thank you. This lady was the one! She talked of how encouraged she was that BWCM continued to come and minister with food, medical help, engaging the kids, but most of all sharing hope in her village. She said that without those visits their village would suffer even more as they are the only ones who come. I asked her if she had trusted Christ for herself, and after assuring me she had, went on to tell me how she had witnessed God provide their needs over and over. She was deeply concerned over the children and their medical needs, but even more, she wanted to see these children come to find the hope that Christ offers, and the joy that comes in watching Him provide for them faithfully. I stood amazed that she got it when I looked around the village and they had so little. Then it all of a sudden hit me. She wasn’t talking about what little things such as toys and food we brought and left. Oh rest assure she was very thankful for these things. But she was talking about the hope and joy that Christ leaves every day.


This lady got it, has it, and shares it! I stay amazed at how often I go to try and minister in the villages while here and how many times I am the one filled!