Our day in Nicaragua

My name is Jack Slaga, I am here in Nicaragua with my brother and my dad.  I am 11 years old.

Today I got up and had a very good breakfast.  Then, headed out to the barn where I helped make rabbit trays.  I helped my dad screw in rails to hold the trays, then I helped put the trays together.  The wood here is very rough, and not like at home.  But they are blessed to have it.  It was very hot out today, I drank lots of water.

Then we headed in and cooled off for a little bit before lunch.  Lunch was delicious! 

Description: D:\DCIM\100KZ915\100_2784.JPGIn the early afternoon, we drove to a village called San Francisco.  No, this was not in the USA.  I played games there with lots of kids, like Frisbee and jump rope.  The doctor was helping people that were sick.  My dad and my brother gave out some candy.  Some of the kids didn’t like the fireballs, they kept saying ‘muy picante’ and some spit them out.  We also gave out some marbles and had marble races with a swim noodle that was cut in half.  It was neat to see the smiles and happy kids.

After this I helped stir the soup while my dad spooned it into bowls.  There were a lot of people in line.  We had the perfect amount, because God provided just enough.  Seeing them smiling to have the soup really makes me think differently about what I eat at home. 

It began to rain, so we had to leave a little early.  We handed out candy on the way out.  There were so many who were hoping to get something, and we had just enough again.  God is so good.  Then we arrived back at the Casa De Shelly.

Thank you for reading my story, I hope you will think about coming here like I did.  It is even better with your dad (and brother). 

Adios Amigos!