Our day in Nicaragua

My name is Micah Slaga, I am here in Nicaragua with my father and my brother Jack.  I am 15 years old.

Today started off with prayer and breakfast.  Then we started work at Casa de Shelly.  First we started work on a wall for the rabbit pens, and then we cleared a field of leaves and branches.  It was hard work and it was very hot.  I drank a lot of water. 

We then stopped, cleaned up and had lunch.  Lunch was very good, I had three chimichangas.  Then I played checkers with lots of people, including the local doctor.  The doctor beat me many times in checkers because he was very good.

At 1pm, we left for the village Palo Grande, which was far away.  We drove past San Francisco that we had visited yesterday.  I saw some of the kids that I played with and spent time with yesterday.  They were very happy to see us again, even though we only drove by.

When we arrived at village Palo Grande, I began playing Frisbee with some of the kids.  I think they were between eight and sixteen.  We played for a while, until they called that the food was ready.

We fed the village, and once again we had just enough.  After we finished filling bowls, we got back on the truck and headed back to Somatillo.   On the way back, we gave out the rest of our clothing, candy, toys and flip flops to the kids and people that were waiting on the sides of the road as we drove by.  People waved back and were very happy that we were giving them things that we would perhaps consider everyday items.  I was glad to be a part of the giving.

We arrived back at Casa de Shelly, relaxed for a bit then ate dinner. 

This trip has been a very fun and lifelong experience.  It will definitely change the way I think about things once I return home. 

Thank you for reading about my day in Nicaragua.  If you haven’t tried something like this before, it will be a great lifelong experience.  You should come and try it!

Now I am off to play checkers with someone!