Today’s mission led us to a small village school with about 15 children ranging from 1st 6th grade. The teacher was just 18 teaching since she was 15 with no formal training, just a love for students. Some of our team members presented the Gospel through the “Wordless Book” and Gospel Beads. The students listened with interest and later many responded by asking Jesus to come into their heart. Praise God! 

This school building is very primitive with very old materials if any, many of the desks are in need of repair. Even so the students seemed enthusiastic about learning especially God’s word.
Pray for the Nicaraguan people.


This afternoon was spent in the village of Cananlipe.  It is a much larger village than the one we went to this morning.  The doctor who was with us saw around 150 children.  We also had people who did face painting, nail polish, and soccer.  There were many ways and opportunities to share. Just before leaving it began to rain, really rain.  During the time we had to wait for the thunderstorm to pass our team was able to share some special time with those who had to take shelter with us.