Another day in the mission field of Nicaragua ~ God is so good!  We began our morning with the regular radio broadcast and for the first time in the history of Because We Care Ministries, Dr. Gillette joined the team in our song!  The song of the morning was "Just a Little Talk with Jesus" and it was very fitting for this day, and every day.  We prayed that God would guide our path throughout the day and that we would be exactly where he wanted us to be and he did exactly that.

We spent the morning on the road to San Miguelito where we found many families that were hungry and in desperate need.  We distributed Manna Fest food bags to multiple families along with toys, candy and oranges.  These bags will feed an entire family for at least a week so you can imagine how excited they were to receive them.  Clearly, God led us down this road to minister to all of the families in need but one particular family caught the attention of the entire team.  When we pulled up in front of one house, a small girl and her younger brother came running out to get some food.  When we asked where their mother was, they told us that their mother was in the hospital.  After a few more questions, we determined that these children were at home alone and there was no food in the house.  A lady that lived nearby told us that she was looking after them but God certainly knew the desperation of these children and put them directly in our path today! Thank you Lord!

After the Manna Fest distribution, we headed out to Villa Esperanza.  We took the bounce house and the children of the village were ecstatic to see us coming.  They ran out of their houses to follow us down the road and watch the house being set up.  While the children played, we prepared the stew that they would later eat.  Once again, God provided more than enough! The line for stew was very long but after everyone's bowl had been filled, there was stew remaining in the pot!  Praise God that so many children and their parents were able to enjoy more than one bowl of the delicious stew!  

Although being able to provide for the physical needs of these children is a blessing to us all, the opportunity to share God's plan of salvation with the people of Nicaragua is the most important mission of this team.  We shared with each of the families on the road to San Miguelito and Villa Esperanza.  We prayed with many to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior!  God is good!