The morning began with a word of encouragement from Donald… In other words there was screaming and banging, but the team was up and ready to go. Garret and Yoshi gave us real encouragement out of Philippians 2. Emily, Angela, Brandon, and Seth journeyed to the radio station to give their testimonies where they were joined by Kyle, Jordan, Jamie, Yoshi, and Domingo. The team dispersed across the plains of Somotillo with a group staying around the Casa to help build the Casa de Donald while the rest of the group ventured to Pascuala to help pour concrete and engage the community. In the afternoon, the team trekked to the village of La Flor to engage with the community there. We cooked a hot meal while the team played soccer, painted finger nails, and jumped rope. Phil Williams get’s a special shout out for replacing his eyeball with a soccer ball. Before we passed out the meal, members of the team performed a rap about Jesus feeding the five thousand. Afterwords, Brent gave a message from John 6 about Jesus being the bread of life. Garrett led the village in a call for salvation, and then the village ate. The village responded really well to our visit, and they chased us for miles down the road in hopes of clothing and candy. Being the saint that he is, Senor Donald surprised the team with ice cream providing everyone’s “God Moment” for the day. We came back to the Casa in the afternoon, and the team enjoyed fellowship through song, and block building with Mama Maria’s daughter, Mae. The team is still motivated and ready to go for another day out on the mission field.