Mamma Maria started the day off with another great meal! Yum Yum.

This morning we sent our first crew to give their testimonies at the Principe de Paz radio station. 4 people shared their story this morning and spreading the Gospel. We also had a quartet sing “Forever Reigns”. We returned to Casa de Shelly and prepped our Donation Bags and Medical Boxes for our first village, El Tejar. We arrived at the village and began setting up Triage. We noticed that there were not many children around. So they sent a bus to pick up kids from the near by school! Before you knew we had plenty of kids to engage with. The Medical team saw 73 people in the morning. Others played soccer( fùtbol), face painted, and shared the Gospel with Candy canes. One shared with a group of mothers and women about Jesus’ sacrifice. One member also witnessed to some young soccer players using the soccer ball to show God’s never ending love. We loaded and headed back to base.

Lunch was some good chicken and some nachos! We then quickly prepped the bags to head to our next village, Villa Esperanza. As we headed to this village this was the first time the newbies got to participate in the distribution ministry. Two rules for the distribution ministry: 1. Blessing don’t hurt, 2. Ration! In addition to the Medical Team and the Children’s Ministry, we also prepared a meal for the village. We watched Roger sing songs with all the kids. Everyone was having a good time! The medical team was able to see 72 people in the village today. What a Blessing!

When we got back to Casa de Shelly, Donald took us on tour of the “Training Facility”. The area is really growing up. Donald said that they were close to begin the program of passing out chickens to locals and training them how to raise and take care of their own. Plus we saw 3 day old goats, 8 day old rabbits, and a litter of kittens. Now we must go. It is almost dinner time and we can’t wait, it smells so good!