Today, the team got off to an early start riding to the radio station. However the power was off and they came back to Casa de Shelly early. Several of the women worked to prepare the food for the afternoon feeding to come. We first went to El Ojhoche to minister to the people there. The majority of the team worked with the children in the village and the medical personnel set up inside the local church and saw children and adults. Ojhoche is an interesting village in the country as the people there are amazingly resourceful. They do a very good job of making the most of what the Lord provides through nature. The church is led by a very good pastor and it is obvious the people there follow him. But as resourceful as they are, there is still great need there. Teams continue to be blessed by ministering there. God provides wonderful blessing to both church and team simultaneously. What an amazing God we serve!

In the afternoon the team traveled to Canlipe which is quite a distance. It was amazing seeing the people flock to the streets when they saw the trucks coming by, anticipating food, candy, and small toys.This always opens up the door to share Christ. The people gathered at the church as we drove up to greet us. The missionaries were able to cook a hot chicken stew and serve the folks as they gathered their bowls for a hot meal. This will be their only hot meal for probably a month. Many waited in line to receive medical care. Others enjoyed the organized games and activities to teach them about Jesus. We had over 140 sick people seen today.

Please continue to pray for all of these villages. There is great need here , but we serve a Great God ! It was great to be the hands and feet of Jesus today.