After our devotion time and scrumptious breakfast of black beans and eggs, we celebrated Nica style a birthday of one on our team! Those of you that have been here, you know how that goes! We headed to the radio station where six gave their testimonies and we sang Mighty to Save.

Our morning’s work consisted of building the medical clinic (well, at least cleaning up the trash around the building!). It’s so exciting to see how close this building is to reality…maybe a month or so away from seeing patients. This will meet so many needs here in Somotillo and its clear that God is orchestrating this project.
Several of us took the two loads of trash to the dump. Wow, what a picture of poverty and desperation here. This dump is like no sanitary landfill found in North America! A lady in flip flops was by the truck and had found a couple of treasures before a third of the load could hit the ground. It makes me think of all the waste that we North Americans generate on a daily basis. We could feed and entire village for a week with table scraps from one good restaurant in the states!

After we completed our important manual labor, we feasted on Mama Maria’s tostadas and chicken.

We then headed on our 45 minute drive to the village of Jinocuaito…Hino wah it o. This is the burned pastor, Saturnino’s village. Our medical team saw 67 patients and one of the most significant being the pastors daughter who is pregnant and is having trouble. Our labor and delivery nurse on the team was an answered prayer to be able to give her some great help. Our nurse was busy because she also saw another young girl who thought she was pregnant…this ended up being a great counseling session and the young lady gave her life to Christ. While the medical team was hard at work, the rest of the team were engaging the ninas, ninos, muchachas and muchachos with games, crafts, and of course, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Saturnino shared a bit of his story of taking 13,000 volts while building the church. God is clearly at work in this man!

We closed the night with a great worship time at Principe de Pas church worshiping in two languages a God who needs no translator! Praise be to God!