Bittersweet…heavy on the bitter. That is the tone of my heart on a Thursday evening, knowing we will not be visiting any more villages, feeding families, providing medical and playing with the children and most importantly, showing the love of Christ. While the routine is generally the same, the God-moments each day seem endless…and always different. He touches our hearts in so many ways though out the day while engaging in the villages, it’s a struggle to pick one to share in our “God Moment” time at the end of each day.

We have been encouraged, encouraged by the boundaries that have been broken down, the steps taken outside our comfort zones, trusting in Christ for His guidance and direction…and He never fails. First time mission trips, first time sharing the Gospel, first time’s sharing a testimony…on the radio none the less.

We have been humbled, humbled by the knowledge that we are not worthy or able to do anything of worth outside the grace of God. Humbled to know that God showed off this week, and while He certainly doesn’t NEED us to accomplish His will, the fact He allowed us to play a part in His amazing plan to brings us to our knees.

We are thankful, thankful for the obedience of Dr. Donald and Pam Gillette following the path He has laid out for them, despite the endless hurdles and difficulties associated with running a ministry in a third world country. Thankful for the opportunity the Ministry has given the North Americans help us find our “niche” in Gods kingdom and for the encouragement to bring that back to our homes, families and communities.

We have been blessed, blessed beyond any measure we could possibly have given this week.