Nica News May 2013

Our trip began with a simple phrase: Nica or bust.

As we stepped off the plane into the warmth of Nicaragua, Donald and Pam Gillette welcomed us onto the mission field with open arms. Part of our team had been to Nicaragua on prior occasions, but for others it was their first time.

The primary focus of our journey was a continuation of the monthly Pastoral Conference that BWCM hosts in both Nicaragua and Honduras. We had the opportunity to minister to pastors and their wives from the surrounding communities.

The men of the team met with the pastors and walked them through the books of John and Acts, and began lectures on Mentoring and Ethics. In addition, the pastors were able to put into practice what they have been learning as they shared a personally prepared sermon with us each afternoon. The pastors have grown tremendously this past year; their homiletic training has been extremely fruitful as they have learned how to prepare and deliver their sermons. The women of the team met with the pastor’s wives and taught on the role and purpose of women and gave them the opportunity to share with, pray for, and encourage one another, which is something these women don’t often experience in their culture.

In both Nicaragua and Honduras we had the opportunity to travel into the villages and engage remote communities. Though BWCM travels into Honduras monthly for the Pastoral Conference, this was the very first time they were able to engage a Honduran village. We had the privilege of being a part of that team, but we were unsure of what to expect. Despite our worries, the people of Honduras welcomed us into their community.

We visited El Carrizo, San Miguelito, San Antonio , and La Carreta, and engaged the people there with soccer, fingernail painting, coloring pictures, cooking food, dramas, shooting tennis balls, telling bible stories, and we always pointed back to the gospel by sharing the good news of the gift of Jesus Christ with the people. What is unique about the BWCM village ministry is that when someone gets saved, we are able to connect them with the pastor of the church nearest their village so they can be discipled.

We also had the opportunity to visit a special needs school, where we were able to sing songs and color with the children, as well as give them much needed school supplies donated by BWCM supporters, and visit the Principe de Paz radio station and share our stories with the people of Nicaragua over the airwaves.

We’ve decided we are never coming home. J