One of my favorite sayings, "if it was easy everybody would do it." Well yesterday really played out as one of those VERY difficult days. I had forgotten how life changes here during the rainy season. Just traveling to Somotillo becomes a challenge as we have to pack the bags on top of the bus cover with a tarp and pray they don’t get wet. A lot of our travels yesterday was in the rain so I had thought and planned just how I was going to get all that laundry dried. Thankful that God had a better plan, nothing got wet…..Praise ye the Lord. On our way to the village yesterday afternoon the big truck began to smoke, the smoke got really heavy and then Angel pulled off the road and the big truck DIED. When we examined the motor there was oil every where so I was pretty sure we had blown the motor and was dead on the side of the road. So I put 9 team members in the back of my truck and took them to the safety of Casa De Shelly. When I returned to the scene of our troubles to pick up the rest of the team I found our team sharing the gospel with a group of children and parents. Several prayed to receive Christ and I encouraged them to come to the radio station today and we will give them bibles and I get Pastor Renaldo to continue to work with this group….God had a better plan and oh by the way there was only a plug loose on the engine so the "big Truck" did not die.
Pray for our team today as they seek to serve and be obedient and I travel to Honduras for pastor/leadership training. IHS, Donald and Pammie