Psalms 139:14 teaches us we are fearfully and wonderfully made . We discussed God’s ever reaching love for us this morning as we started out our morning together as a group. After enjoying another of those wonderful morning meals prepared for us by Mama Maria, the ladies of our group set off down the road picking up trash along the road in the community. It was hot, but we knew we were expressing our love to our neighbors so it was fun to do. The guys were left back at Casa De Shelly shoveling, digging, and raking gravel. Mid morning we stopped our labors to go to a local radio station, Radio Juventud 94.9 FM, whose owner had graciously offered Donald the opportunity to use his station to minister the word, while Because We Care Ministries radio station is temporarily inoperable, in need of repairs. After lunch (Chimi Chungas, oh so good) we went to the village of La Flor to share our love by playing with the children, sharing small gifts, cooking food and ladling it into their containers of all sorts and sizes they brought with them from their homes. The medical team went along to help with current health issues in the village. Everyone was cheerful, friendly, showing great gladness to have us there. Especially pleasurable was a little girl, about 4-5 years old, who sang for us a complete seemingly complicated praise song as often as we asked her to. I would tell you more but Donald will not let me write a book, just a note.