Blessed are the poor at heart for theirs is the Kingdom Heaven.

Today was a Kingdom building day at Villa Esperanza. Destiny World Church joined Because We Care Ministry to spread the word of the gospel in the village and to deliver much needed food, clothes, and medical supplies. When we arrived little children from near and far came running in jubilee to greet us. They were so happy to see our faces…and little do they know we were just as thrilled to see theirs. Some of the children had no shoes, some had no pants bottoms and it was evident that some of them hadn’t eaten a healthy meal. But it was our love, generosity and attention that they seeked the most.

We started the afternoon by playing jump rope, braiding hair, and painting finger nails with the little girls while the men in the group played sling shot with the young boys. The moment that really captured my heart was seeing the mothers standing in a long line desperate for medical attention for their babies. Babies with pneumonia, and other illnesses were able to get medical treatment today because of God’s outstretched arms. God used his people to help his people. After several minutes of play time, and medical care Pastor Gillette and Pastor Purvis led the villagers in prayer. It is our desire that after reciting the sinners prayer that some man, woman, boy or girl would come to know Christ as their personal savior.

We ended the afternoon with what could arguably be the closest thing I’ve ever seen to Jesus feeding the five thousand. We witnessed dozens upon dozens of women and children lined up with a simple bowl and spoon in hand. Some bowls were dirty, some were worn down and raggedy…but it didn’t matter. These villagers were hungry and desperate to get a dip of chicken noodle soup. What may seem like something quick and easy out of a Campbell’s can soup in America, it was much more than that today. This small simple meal may have been the only meal these villagers would get for the day. This meal meant peace, this meal meant there is hope, this meal meant I love you, this meant “I can press on just another day”….this meal meant “There is a GOD.” Today not only did the people of Villa Esperanza see God…But I saw Him too!