Desperate for Jesus!

Ever wanted something so bad that you could taste it?
You were hungry for it?
You would do anything to get it?
You were down right desperate for it!
Those were the questions that traveled through my mind today as we were leaving La Carreta. We spent the afternoon in the village playing jump rope with the children, painting their cute little faces, and letting the little girls pick out beautiful new dresses to take home. As my pastor says “Love is a verb” and today we spread love to the people of LaCarreta.
A special moment occurred as we mounted our missionary trucks and pulled out of the village. I was riding in the car behind the missionary truck with Pastor Gillette so I had a visional vantage point that my teammates couldn’t see.
As the team was throwing candy, clothes and shoes off the back of the truck children came running from every direction…hoping just to get anything, something that would make their day. Among the children was one little boy. I couldnt see his face but he had a number 3 on back of his jersey. I’m sure he was no more than the age of 10. What caught my attention is that the little boy kept running behind our missionary truck. He wouldn’t stop. The faster the truck went, the faster he went. No matter how much dust the truck kicked up in his face, the little boy kept running. He kept his focus. Nothing would stop him from getting what he wanted. He didn’t slow down, he didn’t trip, he didn’t stumble, he didn’t fall. The further the truck went, the further the little boy went. His skinny arms pumping fast. His feet dared not skip a beat against the gravel road. And I’m sure his heart was racing a mile a minute. But he wanted something off that truck. He could taste it. He had to have it. He was so close that giving up was not an option. He was desperate for it! His run reminded me today of how we need to be, desperate for JESUS! Hungry for him. Running to get closer to him. Not stopping until we get what we want from Him. We encountered this little boy at the end of our day. I barely saw his face and I will never know his name, but its his actions that will stay with me for life.

“Lord I’m running trying to make 100 because 99 and a half won’t do!’

-Tenisha Bell