Today was our final day of service in Somotillo, Nicaragua.
We began our morning at a small village named Tejar. Upon our arrival Pastor Purvis met a gentleman named Julio Cesar. Julio lives in a tiny run down abandoned shack on the corner of the village. He serves as the church watchman for the village but he is also in desperate need of a house. After conversing with the man, Pastor Purvis committed to building him a house. “To whom much is given much is required”.
Inside the village we were greeted by dozens of precious little children. We gave out dresses, played football, jumped rope, styled hair, painted finger nails and colored. In fact, the children mobbed Lady Kim for coloring pages. The kids couldn’t hold their excitement just for a chance to get one coloring sheet. It proved that its just the simple things in life that can bring a smile to a person’s face.

Later in the day someone had a bright idea of climbing a live volcano. (Pastor Gillette) He told us we could wear our flip flops! (Another bright idea) So we did. The whole time our feet were on fire! It was blazing out there! We were hopping around on our tip toes trying not to step in a hot spot. But it made me realize how we trusted Pastor Gillette. We trusted his word and we all came back safely with our two feet. That’s how God wants us to be. To trust His Word no matter how bad or hot the situation may look.

We ended our day with a visit to the Pacific Ocean. We took a few moments to breath in the fresh air and admire the scenery. When it was time to leave our feet were so dirty that Pastor Purvis washed all of our feet. This kind gesture reminds us of Matthew 20:28….that the son of man didn’t come to be served but to serve others.

This entire mission trip has been a wonderful fulfilling opportunity to serve Gods people. On behalf of DWC, we thank Pastor Gillette,
Mrs Pam, Uncle Kim, and Aunt Paula, for allowing us to come bless the people of Nicaragua. We truly enjoyed our visit. A special shout out to Momma Maria and the ladies in the kitchen, our translators Tita, Nidia and Roger. We are a part of your family and you are a part of ours. We promise that when we leave here we will never be the same. Dios te Bendiga!

-Destiny World Church
Austell, GA