Another blessed day of sharing God’s love with the Nicaragua community! The day began with a great devotional from Pam, “The Steps of a Good Man are Ordered by the Lord”. Our bible reading was from Psalms 37:23. Then we had some amazing testimonies from three girls in our group, and as always we had wonderful music provided by Abi & Luke. After preparing vegetables we visited two schools and shared the story of the “Lost Sheep”. As usual the children were a highlight of our day. After returning for lunch we headed out to a small village that was welcoming and willing to receive God’s word. While at the village we painted nails, played soccer, played games, colored, and gave out food to the families.

On our way back to Casa de Shelly we stopped for some yummy ice cream, which was a nice break from the heat. We have become quite fond of the children that live just outside the gate of Casa de Shelly and they apparently are excited to see us as well. We spent another late afternoon playing “futball” aka soccer, kickball and also used the parachute to play games with the children. We are starting to remember the children’s names and them ours which puts smiles on our faces. This journey has enriched each life in the team. The fun memories, laughter, joyful tears and overwhelming love that our Lord as given us during this trip will also be in our hearts.

Don and Mike continued the Pastor training in Somotillo and thirty pastors showed up for training. It was a great day of teaching. The devil must not be happy with our trip, because we keep having to change plans. The truck continues to break down and we have encountered several setbacks, but with each challenge, the team has been able to find a new way to reach out to the community here and share Jesus. Everybody is doing great and we ask that you continue to pray for our week of ministry.