Hola Amigos,

Here is another report on the daily events the Huddleston Team has been apart of. As always we took a group to the radio station. Here we heard three touching testimonies, a beautiful song sung in both Spanish and English, and a preaching of a lifetime. It is always touching to hear what God has done in our missionaries’ lives. After the radio we packed our bags and headed to another to the village of La Fragu to work on their local field. The first sight of this field was a little intimidating, but we all pulled together, including the villagers, and got the job done. There weren’t many children and women this time, so most everyone was doing hard, laborious work. It was a blessing to see how we turned the field around!

After a delicious lunch (as always), we filled our water balloons and set out for the village of El Ojoche. It was a bit of a ride, but once we arrived the missionaries knew exactly what to do. We began with water balloon games that quickly became a water balloon war. The children loved it, as did the missionaries. Jesus tattoos were placed on the children’s arms, bubbles were blown, and of course the boys engaged in a soccer game in the streets, all while the men prepared the stew. After all the villagers claimed their meal, one of the Huddleston missionaries, Bob, told the bible story of the crippled man that was lowered through the roof in order to see Jesus, and the others acted it out.

Today was a wonderful day! We have made it to the middle of the week and already we have touched so many lives and we can only hope that we can touch even more with the few days left with the Huddleston Team!