Another wonderful day on the mission field. We began our day by sending out three students and one adult to share their testimonies on the radio. Chris Mac shared the gospel message and once the team was all together again we sent the men to haul sand at the river and load steel on the trucks to be taken to Villa Esperanza, where we are building a church. The girls went to the special needs school in town. The women were able to meet and engage with the students and teachers. Each precious student had the time of their lives playing with the colorful parachute and then coloring a pretty picture. Each student has a different disability, some students were blind and they were learning brail, other students had down syndrome or a physical handicap and each one of them had a beautiful personality. We had a wonderful time watching them “take Nicaragua off” for a moment and enjoy being together. After lunch we headed out to San Antonio and we were able to play with the parachute again and watch the children laugh as we played games. Each little girl got their hair done in braids and bows and the boys had fun playing soccer on the basketball court. Some of the men met a man working on drying seeds on the basketball court, they were able to pray with him about his mother who was sick and help him spread the seeds out across the court. These people are so thankful for what the receive, a bowl of food and just a few hours of good laughs is all it takes to make them happy. It makes you think about what it takes to make you happy on a daily basis and what constitutes as a bad day. This man working on these seeds works from sun up to sun down and makes about thirty five dollars a day, if he is sick or injured he doesn’t make any money to support his family. We are so blessed to have the things that we have but even more blessed that we are able to come here and serve these people and be Jesus to somebody. We look forward to another wonderful day tomorrow! Please continue to keep our team in your prayers as we continue to go out each day and spread the good news and God’s love to these precious people!