What a great day to be on the mission field. After a good nights rest and a great breakfast we began to make our way to Somotillo Nicaragua. We started our trip off in La Carreta, where we began soccer games with the boys and fingernail polish painting with the girls. We ended up having a watermelon eating competition with some of the locals in the village. The men were first and the winner received a brand new soccer ball. Then we had the little girls compete for two bottles of fingernail polish. After we had finished with our competitions we began serving everybody in the village watermelon while the chicken stew was boiling. While we were waiting on the food to be ready some of the girls were busy getting their nails done and we were able to stare the gospel with them using the wordless book. The girls listened intently as the story was told and then repeated back to us what each color meant. When the food was ready we were able to pour each person their own bowl of chicken stew, their eyes were wide as we spooned two large helpings of stew into their bowls. What a blessing it was handing each person a meal.

When you leave for a mission trip, most people tell you what a blessing you are going to be to the people that you will be ministering to, and what a difference you will make in their lives. What people don’t understand unless they have been on the mission field, is that the people that are being ministered to are the real blessing. Looking into the eyes of a hungry person while you hand them a hot bowl of stew is one of the most rewarding things this side of heaven. But getting to share the gospel with people that need the truth and desire to hear the truth is where the true blessing lies. We were able to minister to the least of these today and be a blessing to someone else, and in doing so they blessed us more than they could ever know. More to come tomorrow, God is so good and He is up to something wonderful with this team. We are excited to see what He does. Your prayers are always appreciated!