Well we finished up the week with another fantastic day on the mission field. Some of the team members were able to go paint Mr. Julio’s house and finish all of the final touches so that he was able to move in. What a blessing it was seeing the pride in his face as the team finished the last paint strokes on the inside of his new home. This morning some of the other team members were able to go to Casa Blanca and share the Word of God using the parachute and the wordless book. We were able to hand out packets of food and spend time with each individual family. Before we went out this afternoon two of our team members were baptized in the river. We had an amazing time watching them be obedient to God in believer’s baptism while they were serving on the mission field.

This afternoon we were able to go to Villa Esperanza. When we arrived they were extremely excited to see us, we began to cook the soup and before we new it we had quite the crowd. Children were playing with the parachute, the girls were busy engaging with other little girls while they painted their nails and the boys were having fun playing soccer with some of our team. When we got ready to serve the food you could truly see how hungry the people were. As they crowded around the pot, even teenagers came up and asked for a bowl of food. We passed out packets of food to each of the families and we were able to distribute clothes to each of the children. What an amazing experience we had handing those bowls of food to the hungry people and giving them a chance to enjoy themselves.

God is so good and he provided every need this week. We saw his hand in everything that we did and everywhere we went. It never ceases to amaze us what happens when we back off and let God show off and do his thing. This week the team was able to truly experience God this week through serving and through sharing the word of God. Thank you for your continued prayers this week for our team and please continue to lift us up as we travel to Managua tomorrow and then home on Sunday. Also, please lift up the other team that will be traveling tomorrow to spend the week serving.