Day 4 – Today was a terrific day!! God continues to amaze and bless us as a team. We traveled 1900 plus miles from Virginia to Nicaragua ……only to see one of our own team members make a profession of faith!! One of our teenaged team members accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

That was a great way to start the day and it only got better from there. We returned to Pascuala, where we were the day before digging in the muddy, clumping soil to dig footers for a house. We returned today to pour the concrete in the footers. The men went and shoveled the sand onto the truck and then headed to the construction site where we were greeted by the men and women of the village. The men worked on the concrete along with us and the women carried water from a nearby stream for the concrete mixer. We worked well together and rapidly completed our task.

After lunch we headed to a remote boarder village called El Ojoche. We entered the church and participated in a baby dedication service led by Pastor Donald. Our team was able to present the babie’s mom with a Children’s Picture Bible in Spanish. What an amazing difference we could see in El Ojoche and some of the other villages from the days before. The people were not swarming the truck, but patiently awaited the food as we served they were going amongst themselves making sure everyone had eaten before we began to dispense seconds. The difference was LEADERSHIP. This village had a leader, a Pastor who loved his people and leads them well. Many of the team purchased pottery from the village’s co-op pottery sculptors. This is just one of the evidences that building leaders and planting churches with qualified leaders has a positive effect on the entire village.

Overwhelmed with HIS Goodness