Today started off beautiful in Nicaragua. The guys went to the village of Pascuala this morning to finish a house, while the women cut vegetables for the stew. After the vegetables were cut up the women went to a school in town. There were a lot of kids there today. Patti delivered a wonderful message about Paul and gave out crafts to the kids. Patti does a great job arranging crafts and sharing with the kids.

In the evening, we went to the village of Pascuala. The house is complete now and looks amazing. The doctor went to the village with us to see the little children. We painted nails, face painted, and threw water balloons at the little children. A pot of stew was cooked and served to the starving people once again of Nicaragua. On the way out the village, we threw out oranges, packs of rice, candy, and things from the throw bag. Kids and adults were lined up on the side of the road waiting and running after the truck, hoping to get things. It’s always a wonderful feeling to see the happy faces when they receive gifts.