Today we visited the Village of Esperanza and the Special Needs School. Lots of tears and emotion have been poured out today. Our hearts were full with sadness, humbleness, and laughter. In the Special Needs School we performed a skit called Mrs. Happy and Mrs. Sad. It explains how Mrs. Happy became happy through the love of Christ in which she shares this love with Mrs. Sad and they become sisters in Christ and both VERY happy! After singing "He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands" and "Father Abraham" in English and Spanish we got down on our hands and knees and created a craft that explained how God has each and every one of His children in His hands. Then much to the teachers’ dismay, we passed out recorders (flutes) and had a concert making a JOYFUL NOISE unto to the Lord! While we were laughing and serenading the men where building a new casa in the village of Pasqualla. The men have truly enjoyed working among the local men and watching the rarity of the community coming together to build this home for their brothers and sisters. Then everyone returned to Casa De Shelly for a team favorite of Mamma Maria’s famous Chimichanga’s for lunch. We love Mamma Maria!

Later in Esperanza we started out the afternoon with a fun hearted water balloon fight with the children. Most of our team, local pastors, and much of the village walked down to the river to witness 8 locals and 1 self proclaimed "Guapo Gringo" (Missionary Trey) be baptized. All nine were fully submerged into the river as they publicly acknowledged their commitment to the Lord. It was a very moving experience and an honor to share. Our visit was interrupted by a torrential down pour but no missionaries were lost or melted! Praise God! However, the local people still received their hot meal, BWCM Chicken Stew.

As we close this issue of Nica News and our day here in Nicaragua, we ask that you keep a very special set of twins who celebrate their birthday October 5th in your prayers. Thank you to those of you who keep us in your prayers and are with us in heart! May God bless and keep you always!