After a great breakfast, some team members shared their testimonies and a song on the local radio station. It was a true blessing to the locals as well as the other missionaries and all who listened enjoyed hearing about what God has done in everyone’s lives. The mission team then spent the morning in Pascuala and the 14 missionaries and 5 interpreters all stayed very busy. Some fixed and painted homes in the village while others engaged the kids of Pascuala with frisbees, footballs, fingernail painting, stickers, coloring, kids’ jewelry, and lots of fun. We used all of these activities as opportunities to share the Good News whenever possible. After lunch, we headed back out and made a 45-minute drive to a new village called “Sweet Name of Jesus” where we spent the rest of the afternoon. In addition to more fun and games with the boys and girls (you could hear their laughter and joy from all around), we took a doctor with us to do medical and many children were given the medicine and vitamins that they badly needed to treat malnutrition and parasites and other ailments. We also cooked a hot meal for the entire village in a huge pot full of fortified rice, vegetables, and chicken. After Donald used a Man/God/Jesus skit with 3 boys in the village to explain how we all get everlasting life with God, we fed the 150-200 villagers. On our dusty ride back to Casa De Shelly, we distributed lots of donated clothes and shoes and hats and stuffed animals and other goodies – as well as lots of candy – to the Nicaragua people on the roadside. Christo te ama!