Nica News 12/31

Happy New Years Eve! The team kicked off the holiday with a second visit to Principe de Paz radio station. Our two youngest members shared scripture verses and reached listeners in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras. Three other team members shared their testimonies and all in the radio station and at Casa de Shelly joined in on a beautiful rendition of “How Great is Our God.”

The team returned to Pascuala in the morning, getting the chance to reconnect with many of the villagers from yesterday. Work continued on the houses, with many participating in painting and reinforcing concrete board. While some were working on the houses, others engaged the children with games of Frisbee, duck-duck-goose, and follow the leader. The team also painted nails, coloring pictures, and did puzzles. The team enjoyed the fellowship with one another and the community.

After a hot morning, the team gladly returned to Casa de Shelly’s air conditioning and Mama Maria’s world famous chimichangas. Team Leader Mark Tanis was especially excited for this delicious treat! It was a great chance for our team to take a break, rest and recharge, before heading out for the afternoon.

The team loaded up on candy and black bags full of clothes to distribute and began the nearly 40 minute journey to the village of San Francisco. Once we arrived, practiced hands set up the necessities for cooking food, seeing patients in the medical clinic, and unloading 50 Manna bags. These nutritious bags were given out and will feed a family of six for a week. The recipients were overjoyed at the gift, and this met a huge need within this community. Our clinic saw more than 70 patients, mostly moms and babies. Many were well and just wanted the reassurance that they were healthy. Those who needed medication were provided with free medicines.

While food was prepped and patients were seen, Team Leader Tamalyn engaged the children with a beautiful skit about the need for Christ in our busy world. Using children as actors she challenged a blindfolded boy to pick out the voice of another children representing God. The challenge: all the other children are shouting his name, as well as God. The boy cannot hear God’s voice amidst the noise. Tamalyn gracefully described the need for Christ to bridge the gap between God and man. After a lot of laughs and a powerful message, the children prayed together.

The ride home from the village allowed team members to distribute items to the outlying community. Many came to the roadside as the gringos drove by, full of smiles and expectation. Clothes and candy were passed out, and the team returned home with an empty truck and full hearts. It was a great way to spend the last day of the year!