Day number four on the mission field here in Nicaragua was a success! Our day began with a devotional by Ryan which was out of Isaiah 52:7 and Matthew 5:13-16. Ryan reminded us about our call to mission and about the blessing that it is to be able to go into the world and share God’s story with both out words and actions.

After another delicious breakfast, Rob and Kim went to the radio station to share their testimonies. Rob also preached briefly over the radio out of Ecclesiastes, explaining that all of the pleasures and wealth we can acquire in life are meaningless with regard to having a relationship with Jesus.

Once our speakers returned to Casa de Shelly, we went out to the because we care farm. During the morning we burned brush, gathered some hay and helped clear the field of sticks and stones. Later after lunch we traveled to the village of Esperanza where we were passing out food, medicine, toys and connecting with the villagers.

Some of our highlights from our time in Esperanza include Daniel, Zach, Rob, Jesse and Jon played a game of soccer with a group of very talented young men, they lost! Jesse is shocked that they were able to score even one goal against the villagers. Additional I got to have a conversation with Pastor Ray about how the church plant in Esperanza is going. Pastor Ray told me that seven people were baptized last year and two have already been baptized this year. It was encouraging to hear about the work God has been doing in the village.

On a more serious note, we also observed much brokenness in Esperanza. We saw very young children whose stomachs were bloated from hunger and malnutrition. There was also an eighteen year old girl who was handicapped and only had a makeshift wheelchair, made out of a lawn chair with cart wheels screwed on. Rob also saw one little girl who was born without one of her hands and he observed she was obviously lacking the medical attention she needs. As we reflect on the brokenness we saw, we are constantly reminded of how blessed we are. Our team is also reminded of God’s sovereignty and we are thankful that Because We Care Ministries is here in Nicaragua. Their constant presence can only improve the lives of the villagers as they work to reduce the harsh conditions these people live in and, most importantly, by sharing the gospel with them.

As we returned to the Casa de Shelly we were again able to pass out clothing and candy. Upon returning we each continue to reflect on God’s work here, and the lessons He is teaching us through our time here. Additionally, this evening at Casa de Shelly, Ryan was able to play soccer with some neighborhood children. It is always a blessing to see how all people, regardless of age, language, race, culture, or any other barrier, are able to connect when we show His love through us.

Tomorrow will be another event filled day! But we cannot praise God enough for allowing us to be a part of his mission. Please keep Aletheia College Park in your prayers as we continue to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus here in Nicaragua.