Greetings from beautiful Nicaragua!

Our day started off as normal as two missionaries from Bedford, Va. gave their testimonies on Principede de Paz radio. Their sweet southern accents made it interesting for our translators but nothing is too difficult for this talented crew!

Afterwards we, the group from Bedrock Church, headed to Pascuala to make repairs to some houses while our Pastor Chris and his father-in-law Bill trained pastors in Honduras. While some worked on the repairs and painting, others were able to share the Lord with neighbors. We love seeing how beautiful the homes look as we pull away from these lovely people.

In the afternoon, the team we went to a small village of Tajar. The line of parents and children were long as a doctor met with the villagers for a variety of needs. The little girls loved the ribbons we put in their hair, bubbles we blew with them and a little game of Pictionary. God was good as we had plenty of food to feed the villagers with many receiving seconds.

Once we were back at the Casa, a local pastor gave us notice of a 98-year-old woman in the neighborhood outside that recently broke her hip. A few of us went to bring her dinner, some beauty supplies and to pray with her. It was then we learned that she has never received Christ and desired to do so. Pastor Reynaldo from Pricipede de Paz church held her small hand as she prayed to accept the Lord as her savior and read from the book of Psalms. It was a wonderful way to end the day. God cares so much about each of us from the youngest to the oldest.

We are looking forward to a few more days of ministry here in Nicaragua. Donald and our pastors returned from Honduras with great results. 1 – 3 John was taught to a group of around 30 pastors from Honduras and giving a couple a chance to practice a sermon of their own. Prayers are much needed for our teams in the villages and for our Donald, Chris and Bill who are doing the same teachings to pastors here in Nicaragua the next two days.