Day 3:

We started today by sending Eugene, Emily, and Josh to share their testimony on the radio. This not only helped us get to know each other better, it allowed Central America to see how God has worked through their lives.

We were sent to the mountain of Cacao. This was an all day event because of the trip we had to make. There was a half hour drive followed by a 2 hour hike up the mountain. However, we sent the record for fastest time up, we took 1 hour and 14 minutes. On the way up we stopped to see some of the natural sights. The mountains were beautiful and we decided to take some pictures with the mountains in the background. We had a few horses help us carry the clothes and food for the people in the mountains.

When we arrived at the top we met Pastor Santos, the pastor of a church in the mountain area. Many of its members travel for hours to attend services. The church hosted a special service today in which we participated. Pastor Rey held the service and at the end Pastor Santos asked us if we had something to share. Hunter shared his testimony to the congregation. Following this Brent shared his testimony and emphasized the importance or raising children up in Christ. Eugene decided to shared some experiences that God has guided him through over the past two years. The church then prayed for the entire mission team, though we could not understand what was being said (a lot of prayers were occurring simultaneously in Spanish), the presence of God was evident. Jackson concluded the service by sharing with the church what an impact they had on us. It is incredible to realize that every Sunday, there are brothers and sisters around the world who worship the same God.

Following the service we spent about 30 minutes with kids in the village. Some of the girls were painting fingernails again, we passed out candy to children, gave clothes to the church to distribute, and passed around a soccer ball with some of the local kids. Another great day on the mission field! God is good!