After a full day on Saturday and half a day today, we made our way to Casa de Shelly! YEAH! All a little tired. Some not sure what to expect but all full of excitement and ready to serve. We are group representing 3 Virginia churches of 3 different denominations working and loving as the Body of Christ. It doesn’t get any better.

As I was driving to the airport, I felt the Lord reminded me that His heart is for the individual. Although I knew the bulk of the mission outreach would be to villages, I set myself to be sensitive to EACH of the individuals He would bring to me. This afternoon I was touched by the children who gathered around me and my puppet, Chimp. My heart was praying for each individual child while I tried to interchange with each one with a smile on my face. I am again awed by my Father who has such personal care for EACH ONE of His creations.

Worship tonight at Prince of Peace church is always amazing glorifying God with our Nicaragua family. Seeing familiar faces are great. Prayers much appreciated for the week. Kingdom growth All Because of Jesus!