This morning we went to the village of Las Liras to continue work on a building project. A young family had been living in a self constructed hut made of sticks and plastic barely big enough to sleep in when they met Don and Pam. The couple are not believers, but God led Don to construct a house for them and so the project began. The house has been fully constructed but today we had the honor of beginning the finishing touches by putting on the trim and primer. While we were working, a group of children came to join us and play with our missionary Chimp, a monkey puppet. The morning was made complete when we were able to see the joy on the face of the young mother as she returned from town and saw her house one step closer to completion. Only three days ago there was a very heavy rain which lasted for hours and the young woman told us how grateful she was to be safe and dry in her new home instead of soaking wet beneath a make shift shanty.

This afternoon we went to the village of La Carreta on missions to connect with the village residents and share the gospel to them. We drove in throwing candy out to the children on the way. Once we got there we set up multiple different areas. We had a doctor with us to help treat the sick and injured children, we were playing soccer with them, playing with a puppet, painting nails, making bracelets and playing with water balloons. We then fed the village residents a type of stew and connected with them a little longer. A thing that stuck out to me was when a couple children took another missionary and I to their school it was an amazing experience to get to see where they study at and the smiles on the girls faces when they got to show it to us, it is something I will truly never forget.