We had another great day on the mission. Our day started with no power supplying the radio station. Those of you who have been here understand. So we did what you do when you are on the mission field we adapt. Kim and Barbara shared their testimonies and Deb lead us in a few worship songs here at Casa de Shelly. We went and finished painting the house at Las Liras. It came out a beautiful green as bright colors are the norm. Then we came back to Casa de Shelly and cleaned up around the house for awhile.

The mission team spent the afternoon in the village of San Francisco. Upon arrival, the crowd was excited to see us. While the doctor saw patients, Debbie shared Chimp, a puppet, with the kids while Barbara, Kim, April, and Laurel painted the fingernails of the little girls. Donnie, Nathan, and Roger played soccer with the boys. We gave out bracelets for the children to make and Paula helped several children to make theirs. Later, Donnie shared the gospel message with the young men of the village and Nathan prayed for them. Then

, David, Ron, Donnie, and Nathan catapulted water balloons at the boys and girls. This was a fun time on such a hot day. Hanna finished the playtime with a few rounds of Duck Duck Goose with the boys and girls. It was a successful day on the mission field being the hands and feet of Jesus!