This morning after breakfast, we went to the radio station. Two of us shared our testimony, but after the first chorus of “Come Now is the Time to Worship,” the power shut off! I guess the rest of the song will have to wait until tomorrow! Afterward, we went to two schools, Dulce Nombre de Jesus and Casablanca. We sang songs, told a Bible story, and let the children color. Then we played games like soccer, kickball, and hot potato. The children really enjoyed it, and it was interesting to be at a school because all of the kids were all together and they all wanted to play! Later on, we went to a village called Las Torres where people from our team saw people one by one and gave them medicine. We also had fun playing with the kids there. We cooked chicken stew and I scooped it into bowls one by one as the people moved through the long line. It was nice to have extra at the end to top off some bowls! We left the pastor with a bag off candy and a bag of children’s clothes to hand out to people in the village.