Today some of our team went to the Radio Station after breakfast and shared testimonies on the air. Domingo and I sang two worship songs and Jonge gave a short message. We went back to Villa Esperanza to check once more on the house that is being fixed, and also to clear weeds for a garden. We played with the children, and it was nice to see them again! We shared the story of Noah’s arc between all of our games. Afterward, we went to a village called Las Mesas to interact with the people, give out medical supplies, and serve them a meal. This village, surprisingly, had a basketball court! However, we didn’t have a basketball. The court was a great play area for the kids though and we had a lot of fun jumping rope, doing relay races, and playing a very large game of hot potato (papa caliente). We shared a bible story, explaining to them how much Jesus loves each one of us. One lady was talking to me after I served the food, and she asked us to bring her an English Dictionary the next time we come back and said that she was a teacher there. She had greeted me in English, and I could tell that she was trying to learn! On our way back to the Casa, we tossed candy, clothes, and toys out to the people who were anxiously awaiting us on the sides of the road! I am sad that today was our last day going out into the villages before our team returns to the U.S. We really had a great time serving and sharing the gospel with the people of Nicaragua, and I cannot wait to come back!

David is an average teenage boy in Nicaragua. Life is hard and usually deals many unfortunate blows his way. Not much changes from day to day. However, on Tuesday of this week, life for him and his village was anything but “normal”. Why? Gringo’s came over the mountain and setup camp in their village. The first Americans he’s ever seen in person! That’s right…never seen Americans. I didn’t believe it myself. Therefore, I asked many people within La Palma if any Americans had ever been to visit. Nope! Much less, Christian Missionaries. The blank stares and big eyes backed it up. In fact as we crested a hill and walked the long dusty road to their village there was crowd waiting in the street. Word had spread…”gringos were coming!” As we traveled to a local water source, David followed. As we pumped water we began to ask questions and ultimately to share the good news of Jesus. David had never heard about sin. No concept. He did however; understand that he had done bad things. But just like the word “sin”, he had no idea who Jesus was and what He had done for him. That night, there was a worship service held in honor of Jesus Christ. The place was packed, inside and out. Missionaries shared testimonies. The word of God was preached and demonstrated. As the sun went down it grew dark inside the building with no electricity. Thus, illuminating our hearts to the darkness within their lives without the Gospel of Jesus! Pray for the people of La Palma. The Word of God never returns void. Seeds have been sown. Many will be needed (and required) to come back, sow, water, remove weeds and pull in the harvest. Would you come?
“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Matthew 9:37