After an early wake up call from Donald, Ben shared a devotion with us from Exodus 19:5-6. He spoke about how the priests in ancient Israel were tasked with teaching the people the about God through what they said and what they did. In the same way the people of Israel were to be a “kingdom of priests”, they were to teach the nations to serve the one true God through their actions. In the same way, Christians today are to be a kingdom of priests, to teach the good news of Jesus Christ to all the nations, through word and deed.

After breakfast, a group went to the radio station to where Virginia and Jon shared testimonies, while a small group sang , prior to a short sermon from Brad about John 4, that is the story of the Samaritan woman at the well.

After returning from the radio station, the entire group loaded up for the trip to La Barrera, where we began work on the shelter, digging trenches two feet deep. In addition, while part of the group was digging the ditches, the other half of the group went to the riverbed, loading the truck with sand in order to make the concrete.

After a delicious lunch courtesy of Mama Maria, we went out for the afternoon to do ministry in Cayanlipe. There we gave out tshirts to all the kids and stew to everyone, in addition to hosting a medical clinic for all the children in the community. Dr Carolina saw 73 children in about 2 hours….God has sent BWCM and angel.