We woke up this morning and headed to the radio station for testimonies, song, and scripture. Molly and Bob shared their stories during that time. Ben shared a sermon based on 1 Corinthians 12, which is about using your gifts to serve God. After the radio station, we went to La Barrera and dug more of the shelter’s foundation. Half the team went to the river to gather sand for making concrete. After that, we came back to Casa de Shelly. Don put us to work pulling weeds in the field. Finally, it was time for lunch, which was a blessing because we were all exhausted and starving. After lunch, we traveled to the village named Cofradia. Here, Doctor Carolina with the help of David and Morgan treated a long line. The rest of the team cooked for the residents and played with the kids as they waited for their food. The people were very receptive to our help and attention, which was extremely gratifying. As we left this village, we were in awe of the massive amounts of trash present on the side of the road. We were told that people moved to this certain area because of the “resources” the pile of trash gave. It was hard for the team to wrap their minds around the fact that people could even use old trash as resources. It is shocking to see the extreme poverty present throughout this country. After refreshing ice-cream provided by Don, we stopped by a baseball field near the village we visited today. It was cool to see the locals in a recreational environment outside of their neighborhoods. The kids were drawn to gringos that wanted to watch the same sport they were. We are now getting ready for youth to come to the compound tonight. We will have a volleyball game going, hamburgers, fries, and fellowship. Ben will be teaching the kids about the Trinity. So far, the trip has been going great. We are slowly growing used to the heat, and thankfully nobody has gotten sick. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers. We truly are seeing God move throughout this country.