After breakfast this morning, the team traveled out to Villa Esperanza. While there we worshipped in the open air church. Domingo, Tabitha, Ashley and Jones led worship, while Jon preached. Preaching from 1 John 2:1-6, he spoke about Jesus Christ as the advocate and sacrifice for sinners, and the need for Christians to obey Christ through the love of God and the love of neighbor.

After lunch, we travelled out to Ojoche. The same group led worship in that community while Ben preached from Mark 6 on discipleship. There was a great crowd for the service, with people pouring out the doors and peering in through the windows.

Brian and Jones really felt the spirit falling down during the worship. Even though they could not understand the words, they knew that they were all praising the same Jesus and that the Spirit of the Lord was present. Outside the overcrowded church the other missionaries held babies, played with children, talked to mothers and generally enjoyed themselves immensely. The impact on the team is showing itself already. Jones gave his Bible to one young man sitting next to him. Lee was very impressed with how enthusiastic and passionate the worship was at Ojoche.

The dump truck broke down today and prayers would be appreciated now for all those who are attempting to work on it, including Terry from the team.

The kindness and hospitality here at the Casa De Shelly are as always reflective of Jesus, after all , “It’s all about Jesus” here.

After dinner we will be going to Principe de Paz for another worship service.