Hello from Somotillo, Nicaragua! Today was another spirit filled day full of God’s glorious grace and presence! We went to a village called La Palma, which had only first been visited by North American missionaries two weeks ago. It was about a two and a half hour drive from the Casa, taking us through some of the most beautiful terrain on God’s green earth. The mountains, the valleys, the rivers; it was all so breathtaking. The mission team passed through several small villages on the way to La Palma where we threw candy and some supplies.

The real beauty today was the willingness of the team to spread the Gospel regardless of the difficulty of delivery. We were able to see God today and watch him breathe truth and life in to our souls by reaching a seemingly unreached people. The praise team worshipped with the locals and the mission team worshipped with prayer and sharing a meal with the locals. In return many responded to the call of Christ, and it was certainly a beautiful experience.

Earlier this morning a few of the team members were able to share testimonies and songs on the radio again. It was a great experience because it is a way that we can audibly share what God has done in our lives. Hearing of a changed heart, and a changed life, is one of the most beautiful stories we could possibly listen to. It is awesome to consider how Christ is able to use the filth and struggles of our past, even things we are ashamed to admit, to encourage other people that He can help them out of their own sin and trials. No one’s story is the same, but we have all experienced pain and trouble, joy and victory, and there is power in sharing what Christ has done in the chapters of our lives that have come to a close.