Hello again from Somotillo! Today was our team’s (Bethesda Baptist Church) first full day out on the field. After unpacking and some quick debriefing, the team set out in the morning. A few members travelled to the local radio station to tell their stories of salvation, and sing a few songs. Upon their return, we all left for our first village, San Francisco. This is the village where our team, and other teams, have begun constructing a church building for all of the village to come to. The land was already cleared by the previous team that came through, so our job for the day was to start digging the footing. After a couple hours of hard work and play with the locals in San Francisco, we left for our second village of the day.

The best part of riding in the trucks between villages is definitely being able to pass out candies, clothing, and other items to the eager hands running beside the trucks. Working is good, and being able to share food with the hungry villagers (and team members) is great, but the main thing I personally love about being here; is being able to put a genuine smile on a person’s face. A little piece of candy, a shirt, or even just waving, makes a person’s day infinitely better. And the best thing about being able to brighten someone’s day; is that you don’t have to travel around the world to do it. The people in Nicaragua need constant help and attention and indeed the laborers are few, but that should not stop us from being on mission in our own communities while we wait to be sent out. Smile, wave, tell someone they look good today. I’ve learned in my short time in Nicaragua, that it can be the littlest things that count the most. God has blessed us all, now it is our turn to share those blessing with the people close, and not so close, to us.