Blessings from Somotillo Nicaragua…..I wanted to take a minute and bring you up to speed on all the Kingdom Building that has been taking place over the past couple days. Our two teams have come together very well and God is using each one for HIS glory.

The past two days the ladies have gone to Esperanza and El Platenal to hold "women’s bible studies." The men poured the concrete floor in one house in Pascula, painted the outside of the same house and dug footings for a new house.
Afternoon village ministry has taken us to Laredo yesterday and San Francisco today. Its been exciting to watch GOD stretch our team beyond anything they could have imagined. Thankful that GOD put together a team from Huddleston Community and Grace Fellowship to support each other this week. Huddleston has been coming to Somotillo for 10 years and most of the group has been here many times. The team from Grace Fellowship is making their first time ever mission trip. As of today you would think they all go to the same church. GOD IS AMAZING!!!!!!

Blessed to see several come to know Christ as their LORD, thankful for the medical provisions as well as the food that we have been able to give out each day.

On a personal note I’m asking all our prayer partners to pray for rain. We are in a very severe drought and many of the village wells are going dry. Some of the wells at the training center are starting to go dry. PRAYING AND TRUSTING