There could be no better way to end 2014 than to spend it in the mission field in Nicaragua. After another great morning devotion and breakfast, we invested a couple hours of hard work on the land around the training center. In 2 short hours, a large portion of the land around the fruit trees had been cleared and trimmed and the debris had been burned, leaving a much more manageable orchard that should lead to a more bountiful harvest over the long term. We also picked 3 large buckets of lemons and limes to eat and take to market. After refilling our water bottles and getting a great lunch (chimichangas!), we headed out to Pascuala to spend some time with our friends there. Many were blessed by the doctor, many were fed by the big pot of chicken and rice stew, many kids laughed at us as played games and showed our lack of soccer skills… and most importantly, several kids prayed to receive Christ after a time of sharing the Good News. As we prepare for a restful night of sleep (that definitely does not include staying up until midnight to bring in the New Year), we pray that we can start 2015 with another great day in the mission field as this trip draws to a close.