Greetings from Nicaragua,

This has been a week full of serving the people of Nicaragua and sharing the life changing truth of the Gospel. So far, our team has had the opportunity to share our testimonies on the radio broadcast and provide words of encouragement in truth from Scripture. We also spent each day going door-to-door in the neighborhoods surrounding the church. Our goal has been to share the Gospel and to invite these families to the church Principe de Paz. If they choose to visit Principe de Paz, we know that the believers will grow in God’s Word and the non-believers will be presented the Gospel. Praise God that several individuals prayed to accept Christ this week and others agreed to visit the church.

In the afternoons this week, we have visited several villages to love on the people, share God’s Word, give medical treatment, and provide them a meal. So far, we have visited Villa Esperanza, Las Mesas, Jinocuaito, and Madrono. We have been able to share the love of God through simple things such as giving out gifts, playing soccer, throwing water-balloons, making balloon animals, sharing the story of Jesus through making Gospel bracelets and telling stories from God’s Word that magnify the name of Jesus, serving them food, and simply spending time with them. While we have been visiting these villages, others have been training local pastors and encouraging them in their ministries. Truly, many disciples are being developed through the power of the Holy Spirit in this ministry.

May all praise go to our Father!